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Construction & Demolition Waste Hauling Management Services

WasteCap can be your primary Recycling & Waste Manager on all of your construction & demolition (C&D) projects as well as at all of your company’s facilities and/or offices. WasteCap will ensure that the greatest amount of money is saved while achieving the highest possible recycling rates. Utilizing WasteCap company wide on most, if not all, projects will help maximize your total savings.

In most cases, it is cheaper to utilize WasteCap’s expertise than it is to designate a company employee(s) to do this work. WasteCap has over 13 years of experience in the C&D recycling industry and as a non-profit we will provide you with quality results for a non-premium price. With that said, the project team can focus 100% on the construction/demolition work and let WasteCap transform your C&D waste into valuable resources.

  • Oversight and Management of C&D and recycling waste on job sites and/or at offices to ensure maximum time and money savings
  • Manage hiring and billing as well as write proposals and provide contracts for the most economical and environmentally conscious hauler(s)
  • Utilize the most economical and environmentally conscious material end markets
  • Instruct and educate contractor employees and sub-contractors about their role in the program
  • A WasteCap representative will be assigned to your company, executing the leg work on all projects to ensure that the recycling program runs effectively
  • On-Call Dispatcher, for dumpster pulls and tracking down sub-contractors for weights of materials
  • Ensure proper placement, timing, and labeling of trash and recycling dumpsters
  • Conduct site visits and waste audits on C & D projects to track, document and ensure that the most economical decisions are being made. Monitor each program by interviewing job site crews, checking for missorted materials in recycling/trash containers and correcting any problems
  • Prepare and provide company wide waste management documents such as Waste Management Plans (required by LEED), Recycling Contract Language for Sub-contractors, Specification Language, etc…  
  • Document construction waste management results (required for LEED). Document and calculate the types and quantities by weight and volume of trash and recyclables as well as the financial impact of the program's implementation. Prepared monthly reports for each project along with quarterly company-wide sustainability report will provide great insight to your company
  • Complete a final construction waste management evaluation and a final report per project
  • Complete a yearly sustainability report that also includes your companies carbon footprint
  • Share recycling and sustainability results. Share the story and promote results internally to employees and externally to future clients·  


to inquire about our c&D Hauling Management Services or to request a proposal, email or call a Wastecap project manager:

Leah Samson, Project Manager LEED AP BD+C & EBOM

Any LEED intended projects? 

If so, combine our services. Click here for LEED Consulting information.