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LEED® Consulting

Service Overview

The U.S. Green Business Council produces market driven, third party verified rating systems to certify the sustainable design, construction and operations of buildings.  Their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program is an established, globally recognized program that covers many of the aspects that make a building sustainable, from low energy and water consumption, to reduced impact on the site and creating a healthy space for occupants.  

WasteCap has extensive expertise regarding the requirements as well as the implementation and certification process. This positions us to deliver high quality guidance to obtain LEED goals at a minimum of cost and effort.

As an owner or general contractor looking for guidance in the construction phase, WasteCap can maximize your efficiency at any stage of the push towards certification, whether you’re looking for specialist solutions to maximize waste diversion, or broader certification right-sizing and assistance achieving all of your targeted credits.

LEEDv2009/LEEDv3 Versus LEEDv4

As of October of 2016, projects can no longer be registered under LEED v2009.  Many projects are still using LEED v2009, and WasteCap has tried and true experience dealing with the years of tweaks and changes made to that system over time.  

On the surface LEED v4 looks similar to LEED v2009, but WasteCap has gotten ahead of the game by identifying the nuances that make the new system very different from v2009.  We’ve developed the critical tips and tricks needed to guide the industry through the process of adaption.

Scope of Work

WasteCap is capable of providing three services, which can be packaged or purchased a-la-carte:

Our LEED experts can review your LEED targets and objectives, conduct or advise on pre-design studies, develop owner’s project requirements (OPR), create an initial scorecard, advise successful strategies and align your approaches to give you the best chance of success.  We will give you sensible advice based on extensive experience, pointing out potential pitfalls and maximizing your points per dollar.

The design phase represents the majority of the scope of any sustainable building effort.  WasteCap provides education and direction to the design team based on the owner’s goals and handles all LEED paperwork and interaction with the GBCI (LEED’s governing body).  This process removes the obstacles and confusion created by multiple parties with competing priorities, clarifies and reduces the workload on the design team to save the owner on soft costs.

10 years of involvement on Proven Provider teams and USGBC subcommittees has made it clear that the best path to success is to have a single knowledgeable entity handling all  LEED strategy and submission data.  Complete, consistent and correct is the recipe for a perfect submission.

A similar approach is taken when the building enters construction.  WasteCap creates the construction management plans, educates and advises the construction team, conducts inspections, reviews product information and completes all LEED paperwork. WasteCap will handle all interaction with LEED Online and will campaign on your behalf when the GBCI makes misinformed rulings or unreasonable requests.

Expert Personnel

Travis Blomberg (LEED® BD+C, ID+C)
Executive Director

Hands on experience in the local and international application of the LEED rating system has given Blomberg an inside edge on the critical pieces often overlooked by teams of subcontractors attempting to coordinate efforts on LEED documentation.  

His passion and enthusiasm ensures that LEED projects receive the attention they need to succeed.

Daniel Hartsig (LEED® BD+C, O+M)
Director of Project Management

With 10 years of LEED experience locally and around the world, with an active role on all credits in the New Construction, Operations and Maintenance, and Interior Design certification systems for LEEDv2, v3, v4 and WELL®, Daniel Hartsig leads the project management team with the depth of experience that only time, breadth and specialty can bring.

Information Needed for Proposal

WasteCap can assemble a proposal for you with a minimum of information.  

If you are interested in a proposal, WasteCap will need the following information:

  • Project Name
  • Project Certification Type
  • Targeted Certification Level
  • Number of Buildings and/or Additions
  • Size and Purpose of Each
  • Project Design and Construction Schedule
  • Location of Project (GPS coordinates preferred)
  • Location of Design and Construction Meetings (if not on site)
  • Project Scorecard (if any)
  • Project Description, Basis of Design or RFP
  • Project Drawings and Specifications

If you’d like to know more about how we can help, please contact us at:

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