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Service Overview

Born out of the construction and demolition recycling industries, WasteCap has centered its mission on the drive towards zero waste. For over 20 years we have developed networks and partnerships across Wisconsin and pushed projects to remarkable levels of waste diverted from landfill and incinerator.  

We have the ability to recommend and oversee the best diversion options in your area and take over the subcontracting and coordination of those vendors, simplifying your work.

Scope of Work

WasteCap is capable of providing five services, which can be packaged or are available a-la-carte:

Database Access
At a minimum, we can provide a list of options available to you within your desired service radius, categorized by service.  We hope to be able to add customer reviews and ratings to our information soon.

Operations Plan Generation
Our diversion experts can review your targets and objectives, inform you of potential blind spots, advise on successful strategies and align your approaches to give you the best chance of success.  We will audit your expected waste streams, highlight any overlooked opportunities, interview your selected waste haulers and provide you with level-headed path forward.

On-site Education
Much of a successful diversion effort is in the preparation, planning and communication of requirements.  WasteCap can provide quick on-site workshops to pass on the instructions from your waste management plan in a memorable and lasting way, saving you the work required to repeatedly instruct site teams or manually separate waste that’s been incorrectly directed.

Ongoing Status Tracking
Regular site and process inspections keep your team on track to meet your diversion goals.  WasteCap will be by your side ensuring consistent paperwork, tracking waste quantities, inspecting operations on site and providing critical feedback to maximize waste diversion.  Monthly reports will keep you informed as to progress, deficiencies and remediation possibilities.  

If your project is pursuing a certification that requires specific paperwork and reporting, WasteCap will handle that process as part of our tracking effort.

Digital Tracking and Reporting Software
If you you have an established waste management program and can easily educate and coordinate in-house, but want the ability to track and report your projects on-line, WasteCap TRACE is an option for you.

Subcontracting Waste Haulers
WasteCap can handle any or all waste hauler contracts as a sub to our own contract with you.  This will reduce your paperwork and on-site management for pickup requests and scheduling.

Expert Personnel

Travis Blomberg (Zero Waste Business Associate, LEED® BD+C, ID+C)
Executive Director

Hands on experience in local and international construction management has given Blomberg an inside edge regarding critical pieces often overlooked by teams of subcontractors attempting to coordinate waste diversion efforts.  

His passion and enthusiasm ensures that projects receive the attention they need to succeed and the tools to make the process easier.

Daniel Hartsig (LEED® BD+C, O+M)
Director of Project Management

With 10 years of LEED experience locally and globally, actively directing new construction and building operations, Daniel Hartsig leads the project management team with the depth of experience that only time, breadth and specialty can bring.


Information Needed for Proposal

WasteCap can assemble a proposal for you with a minimum of information.  

If you are interested in a proposal, WasteCap will need the following information:

  • Project name
  • Number of buildings
  • Size (square footage) and purpose/function of each
  • Location of project (address & GPS coordinates preferred)
  • Location of operations meetings (if not on site)
  • Desired level of assistance (select any or all)
  • List of diversion resources in your area.
  • Waste management plan covering project specific strategies.
  • Subcontracting of waste haulers under WasteCap
  • Education of custodial, tenant and departmental staff  on waste management plan.
  • Signage, inspection, and ongoing tracking of waste streams w/monthly reporting and guidance.

To learn more about how we can help, please contact us at:

WasteCap Resource Solutions