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America Recycles Day is November 15

While most consider Thanksgiving the official start of the holiday season, WasteCap, and other like-minded people, are anxiously awaiting another holiday before the stuffing. America Recycles Day is a time dedicated to promoting, educating and celebrating recycling.

America Recycles Day is celebrated on November 15, and is a national initiative of Keep America Beautiful. The goal is to expand the public's knowledge on the importance of recycling and to increase the national rate of recycling that currently sits at 34%. 

To state the obvious, recycling reduces the amount of materials that go to landfill, but it goes beyond just that. Recycling also:

  • conserves natural resources like water, oil and electricity
  • keeps our parks and green spaces clean by reducing pollution
  • protects the environment by allowing nature to grow, uninterrupted by trash
  • helps sustain our planet for the future by decreasing discharge of greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change

learn What to recycle

In many neighborhoods, the City of Milwaukee offers curbside recycling pick-up, but knowing what is or isn't accepted can get confusing. This infographic can teach Milwaukee residents what to leave curbside. Please note, even though materials like electronics and clothing aren't listed, they can be dropped off at a local recycling center.

Take the Pledge

Now that you know the most basics of recycling, WasteCap and Keep America Beautiful encourage you to celebrate America Recycles Day by taking the pledge and hosting or attending an event. 

Over 71,100 people have pledged to learn about what materials can be recycled, reduce their rate of waste produced and encourage friends and family members to take the pledge to continue the cycle of recycling education. Take the pledge on their website, and share on social media with the hashtag, #BeRecycled. 

join an event

Another way to celebrate is to host an event on November 15 to educate family, friends and community members on the importance of recycling. To help ease the event planning process, Keep America Beautiful created tools, guides and tips on how to easily organize an event in your community. 

If you can't commit to hosting, you can attend one of the 2,290 events already registered. Visit the America Recycles Day event page to find an event near you

For more information on recycling or America Recycles Day visit their website.

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