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Bigbelly joins WasteCap for a Lunch and Learn

Shawn Hopkins, Regional Director of Bigbelly shared his organization’s solutions for driving efficiencies in waste collection. The October 20 Lunch and Learn featured discussions surrounding Bigbelly’s solar powered trash compacting bins and Connect™ platform.

After detailing the company’s humble beginnings, Hopkins moved on to share more about Bigbelly’s standard and high capacity stations. These stations, in conjunction with its comprehensive cloud-connected platform for smart waste management, have innovated the industry. Both of these extremely durable, fully enclosed bins are equipped with sensors that alert users to the container’s fullness and offer GPS geolocation for precise servicing.

The high-capacity model allows for the collection of 150 gallons of material, compared to the 50 gallon capacity of a standard unit.

Bigbelly’s receptacles are integrated into the Connect platform. This platform provides valuable analytics, alerts users to any malfunctions or necessary repairs and notifies collectors when the bin needs to be serviced. This technology enables entities to optimize their operations so that trash and recycling are only collected as needed, freeing up staff time to be allocated elsewhere.

Hopkins ended the discussion with a round of audience questions focused on the success of Bigbelly implementation at campus and municipal levels.

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