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Friday Finds // January 12

Weekly Sale

The window sale has been extended! Through January 13, the warehouse will offer 30% off windows. 

Install antique stained glass for a beautiful pop of color or transform an old window into a DIY masterpiece.


Friday Finds

Common in older homes, sash weights are often composed of heavy steal, cast-iron or lead. They are used to balance the weight of sash windows and are concealed within the window frame. A pulley running over the top of the frame connects the weights to the window via cord or chain. WasteCap currently has a number of 17.5 pound sash weights in stock.



Staff Picks

Lights, camera, action! This week's Staff Picks are lighting up. Laura French, retail associate, picked these outdoor football lights, and coordinating, eccentric bulbs.



Customer Projects

An Oconomowoc couple stopped by in late September to pick up these shelves. The piece has minor scratches and stains, but the pair loved its unique details.

After a quick refinish, the piece's previous imperfections were gone and it now serves as the perfect cookbook shelf.

Have you incorporated a piece from WasteCap into your home? WasteCap wants to hear about your project!

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