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Hello November

Welcome back, are you still sick from all that candy you stress ate during the Packers game? Let us make it better with some good news.

We have a MEGA SALE going on this week and we're pretty excited about it. Everything is on sale, everything! And each day brings you a new discount:

Monday 11/2: 5% off 

Tuesday 11/3: 10% off 

Wednesday 11/4: 20% off

Thursday 11/5: 30% off

Friday 11/6: 40% off

Saturday 11/7: 50% off!!!!

We hope we'll see you, we've got lots of new items too. 

Lastly, this Thursday is our Transformation Awards, co-hosted with USGBC. Tickets are still available and they are also on sale. There will be a silent auction, whiskey, cheese, honey & a chance to celebrate some amazing Wisconsin organizations!

More info here


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