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Kerry Dawson Joins the WasteCap Team as a Volunteer Coordinator

(November 15, 2017) – MILWAUKEE, WIS. – WasteCap Resource Solutions today announces the selection of Kerry Dawson as Volunteer Coordinator.

Dawson joins WasteCap in a unique way. While undergoing home renovations, she came across WasteCap’s website and noticed the job listing for volunteer coordinator. As the founder of her in-home pet care company, Native Dogg, Dawson knew she couldn’t commit to a full-time position, but rather offered her time 2-3 times a week on a volunteer basis.   

“I got involved in this because I needed a challenge,” said Dawson, “I’ve been doing what I’m doing for the past 10 years, so I needed something that would make me work my brain in a different way and strike a new nerve of interest.”

During her time here she hopes to recruit a substantial volunteer base that’s useful to the permanent employees of WasteCap.

“My purpose is to grow the volunteer program, and with that, to provide a gung ho workforce that is here for the passion of it and spirit of forwarding the WasteCap goal,” Dawson noted, “And for the time being, while it’s just a team of me, that’s at least a small bit I can offer to help further WasteCap’s mission.”

When she’s not engaging with volunteers, Dawson works closely with Pete Brands, Deconstruction and Salvage Supervisor, “Kerry’s personality is extremely positive and uplifting,” Brands says, "In addition to all of her great help, she's been a mentor for me."

Are you interested in volunteering at WasteCap? Email volunteer@wastecap.org today to learn how you can get involved.


WasteCap Resource Solutions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing waste reduction and recycling assistance for the benefit of business and the environment. The WasteCap mission is supported through a variety of initiatives rooted in waste diversion including: C&D waste management, operational waste diversion, resource management, WasteCap TRACE, building certification and deconstruction and salvage. Additionally, WasteCap operates a retail store that carries architectural salvage and reclaimed goods. Join us in transforming waste into resources at www.wastecap.org and @WasteCap.

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