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Marquette Students Spend Fall Break Volunteering at WasteCap

While most Marquette University students preferred to travel home or somewhere relaxing post-midterms chaos, a handful chose to stay behind and spend their fall break in an alternative way with CAMPus Impact's Service Immersion Experience. 

CAMPus Impact is an organization that seeks to broaden Marquette students' perspectives by introducing them to the beauty of Milwaukee, particularly the Near West Side. They support Marquette's surrounding community by participating in events, doing service and exploring all Milwaukee has to offer.

The Service Immersion Experience allowed students to spend their fall break volunteering at a variety of non-profits in the Near West Side area while taking time to reflect and discuss social justice in their backyard. As a Near West Side partner, WasteCap was one of the organizations students elected to visit.

WasteCap welcomed a group of five volunteers on Friday, October 19 and another group of five on Saturday, October 20. The students worked alongside Kerry, WasteCap's Volunteer Coordinator, in attempt to spruce things up around the warehouse and beautify the surrounding grounds.

Angle grinder in hand, the first group started Friday morning off de-nailing floor boards that were recently pulled during a salvage project in Fox Point. After lunch, the team traded in their power tools for garbage bags and headed down to Clybourn Street to pick up trash for the rest of the afternoon.

Saturday's group finished de-nailing the flooring and focused on pulling weeds from the WasteCap garden. Although WasteCap's green thumb was active this year with a community garden, the weeds were never tamed, and needed to be addressed before the season ended.

Thanks to the help of the Marquette volunteers, WasteCap now has a weed free garden, flooring that is ready to be displayed and a cleaner surrounding area. 

For more information on how you can be a WasteCap volunteer, visit our volunteer page or email volunteer@wastecap.org.

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