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WasteCap DIY: Kneeling Garden Bench

This garden necessity will add comfort and utility to your outdoor routine!  It serves as a soft kneeling pad as well as a bench with handles that allows for easy carrying that will help you get back to your feet after working.

You'll need the following materials and tools to complete the project:


  • 5 ft of 1"x10"
  • 2 ft of 2"x4"
  • Exterior Fabric (21"x25")
  • Foam/padding (18"x8")
  • 8 - 2½" Screws
  • 8 - 1¼“ Screws
  •  ⅜“ Staples
  • Glue


  • Circular Saw
  • Drill/Driver
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Stapler
  • ⅛“ Drill Bit
  • 1” Drill Bit
  • Carpenter’s Square
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Safety Glasses
  • Hearing Protection




  1. Before you begin cutting, sand all sides of the 1”x10”.  You will do more sanding later, but it is easier to sand what you can before the board is cut.
  2. Next, cut one length of the 1”x10” at 22” (top) and two lengths at 18” (sides).  Use the square to mark and cut straight edges.
  3. Cut braces for the underside of the top.  Set the circular saw to 45º and carefully cut along the edge of the 2”x4.”  This should result in a long piece that is triangular in profile (1½” x 1½” x 2¼“).  Cut two lengths of this at 7.”
  4. Mark and cut the handles on the sides.  The handle cutouts should start 2½“ from the bottom and be at least 4” long and 1” tall, but you can make them any shape you like. Use the 1” drill bit to start the handles and complete the cuts with a jigsaw.
  5. Now sand all of the newly cut edges including the handle cutouts.
  6. Attach the foam and fabric to the underside of the seat.  Center and staple the short edge (21”) of the fabric to the underside of the top.  Wrap the foam into it and tuck the fabric back under so the seam is hidden.  Staple the fabric close to the ends.
  7. Assemble the top and sides.  Use the ⅛“ drill bit to make 4 pilot holes 1½“ from the top on one of the sides.  Spread glue on the end of the top and align it 1” from the top of the side.  Drive a 2½“ screw into each hole.  Repeat for the other side.  
  8. Attach the braces.  Spread glue on the two narrow edges of the brace and place it on the underside where the top and one side meet.  Make 4 pilot holes (2 towards the side and 2 towards the top).  Drive a 1¼“ screw into each hole.  Repeat for the other side.  The braces will end up covering the ends of the fabric.

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Printable Directions:

Click here for printable directions so you can begin your kneeling garden bench today.

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