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WasteCap DIY: Bird Feeder

This bird feeder made from reclaimed wood and your favorite wine bottle is fun to make, and will attract plenty of beautiful birds to your backyard!

You'll need the following materials and tools to complete the project:


  • 1 Empty Wine Bottle
  • Wood: 3ft of 1x6
  • 1 ⅝“ Screws (4)
  • 2 Small Hinges with Screws
  • 1 ½“ Finish Nails (14)


  • Saw
  • Drill/Driver
  • 1 ¼”  Drill Bit
  • ⅛” Drill Bit
  • Hammer
  • Tape Measure
  • Sandpaper
  • Pencil

The step by Step:

  1. First, process the 1x6.  Cut 7” off of the 1x6.  This will be the top.  Then rip 1” off the entire edge of the remaining 29” of 1x6.  This will be the trim.  Rip the remaining piece down to 4” wide and cut a 17”, 4”, and 3” piece from it.  This will be the back, platform, and bottle holder, respectively.
  2. Next, attach the top to the back.  Cut a 10o bevel on the top end of the back.  Attach the hinges to the beveled end and then to the top.
  3. Then, attach the bottle holder.  First, drill a 1 ¼” hole centered at 2” and 1 ⅝” in the 3”x4” piece.  Now, trim the front corners with 45o cuts.  With the bottle neck in the hole, position the bottle and holder so that the top can operate freely and secure the holder with two screws from the back.
  4. Now install the trim under the top.  Cut two 4” and one 3 ⅛” lengths from the trim.  Using finish nails, install these under the top to hold the base of the bottle.
  5. Next, install the platform.  Position the platform so that it is about ½“ below the mouth of the bottle.  Secure it with two screws from the back.  Cut a 5 ½”, and two 4 ¾” lengths from the trim and secure them with finish nails to the front and sides of the platform, creating a lip on the top.  Sand all exposed edges.
  6. Finally, hang your bird feeder, fill it with seed, and enjoy the wildlife!  Be sure to hang it so that the top can function.  A fence or post work great.  This will allow easy access to refill the bottle.



Printable Directions:

Click here for printable directions so you can begin your bird feeder today!

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