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WasteCap's First Workplace Garden

This spring WasteCap brought on Pete Brands as the new Deconstruction and Salvage Supervisor. Brands wanted to share his dedication to composting and commitment to the environment with fellow WasteCap employees, and so WasteCap's first workplace garden was born. 

The garden is meant to give everyone a chance to step away from their computer screen and enjoy nature. Additionally, with a team composed of five new hires this year, as well as six interns, the garden has provided opportunities for co-workers to get to know each other while tending to their plants. The concept of the gardens has proved successful despite some people having more of a green thumb than others...

Between Brands' initial idea and volunteers building stairs for easy access, WasteCap's garden has really turned into a group effort. 

"Our garden is a place where employees can get a breath of fresh air and a welcoming break from work," said Brands, "I'm always excited to see how everyone's plants are doing and I look forward to the fresh produce people will be taking home soon."

WasteCap was lucky enough to have two tomato plants donated by a customer to start the intern bed. A tumbler composter was also donated and has been used to help divert food waste from the office. WasteCap held their annual Food Waste Forum in July and all the organic waste from the event was composted on-site in the on-site compost bin.

Executive Director Travis Blomberg hopes that the WasteCap garden will continue to flourish and act as a perk for employees who may not have space to garden otherwise. "While this is only the first season," said Brands, "I think it will grow and benefit WasteCap employees for years to come."


WasteCap Resource Solutions is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization providing waste reduction and recycling assistance for the benefit of business and the environment. The WasteCap mission is supported through a variety of initiatives rooted in waste diversion including: construction and demolition waste management, deconstruction and salvage, organics diversion and LEED® administration. Join us in transforming waste into resources at www.wastecap.org and @WasteCap.

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