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Transformation Awards 2015

Another successful awards for WasteCap and our Co-hosts, USGBC-WI. Mayor Tom Barrett spoke, whiskey & cheese curds were sampled, Joe gave his thanks to all of our winners. Some of our award recipients weren't able to make it, but we still held some mini-ceremonies with them - we'll post those next week.

We did present to Josh Wadzinski of Think Design Studio for the Distinguished Commitment to Sustainable Building. It was great to catch up with him and hear about his new projects, check out Think Design Studio & be inspired! 

With help of our Sponsors, InSinkErator & FCPC, we were able to capture roughly 275 pounds of food for reuse! Reuse is always top priority, so we humans back at WasteCap helped do our share by eating lots of leftover, so did Justin's chickens. After that, the remaining food was brought to FCPC to be ran through their InSinkErator Grind 2 Energy grinder, then to their Bio Digester to be turned into energy. 

The Bio Digester turned food scraps into 8.75 Kilowatt Hours of electricity. Another way to say that? The energy made from food scraps would be roughly enough electricity to watch around 105 hours of Packer football on a LED TV! Awesome. 

We're off to Madison tomorrow to talk to more people about Food Waste. We'll be back next week with more award winners. 

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