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Salvage & Warehouse

WasteCap's Architectural Salvage & Reuse Warehouse division transforms waste into resource while simultaneously preserving Milwaukee's rich history and supporting sustainable building practices!

Architectural Salvage & Reuse Warehouse

WasteCap’s Architectural Salvage Warehouse is open to the public. It serves as a prominent resource for homeowners, artists, designers, builders and architects alike. The warehouse boasts a selection of old growth lumber, antique hardware, vintage fixtures and architectural components that are sure to strike nostalgia and stir up creativity. 


Do you have reusable items that are taking up vital space? Donate your items to WasteCap as a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative. WasteCap can provide a tax donation receipt for all approved materials donated to the store. WasteCap reserves the right to refuse any donation that has not been pre-approved. 


Are you planning a home remodel? WasteCap can salvage efficiently and effectively to reduce the amount of waste your project produces. With direct access to WasteCap’s Architectural Salvage and Reuse Warehouse, those local materials will stay in the Milwaukee area and out of the landfill.