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Help WasteCap Transform Waste Into Resources 

Your financial and in-kind contributions allow WasteCap to continue saving materials from the landfill. Here’s how you can make a direct impact:


Every penny counts. Whether you support WasteCap with a one time gift, or prefer to donate regularly, every dollar given helps support the WasteCap vision of diverting materials from the landfill.


Another way to help WasteCap is by helping maintain supplies or tools used on a regular basis. Tool donors allow the WasteCap team to continue deconstruction and salvage efforts. These donations also assist in the creation of fun DIY projects, like those made in collaboration with Fox 6’s Rachael Kaye.


The WasteCap Salvage Warehouse accepts commercial, industrial and residential architectural and vintage building materials for donation. Oddities are uniques are also welcome. Review the full list of acceptable donation items.

Make a Financial Donation

Your contribution matters! Your money allows WasteCap to continue to transform waste into resources. Help continue to fund the WasteCap mission by completing the form below.

What your dollar can do

Do you want to know how your money helps? Here’s how contributions of all sizes can help the organization.

Allows WasteCap to salvage five doors from a local demolition site.

Creates a volunteer opportunity for one individual in the warehouse or salvage site.

Creates an opportunity for one underserved student to attend a DIY event.

Funds one semester long internship for a local college student.

Creates one neighborhood cleanup volunteer event in the Avenues West Neighborhood.

Donate Tools

Another way to help WasteCap, is through assisting the organization maintain supplies or tools used on a regular basis. WasteCap is extremely grateful to donors who are able to provide these materials.

If you are interested in donating any of these items below, please contact warehouse@wastecap.org or at (414) 961-1100. Thank you!

Tools that help us on site at Deconstruction jobs & in our Warehouse shop:

  • Planer
  • Jointer
  • Sliding Miter Saw
  • De-nailing Guns
  • Air compressor
  • Hand Tools
  • Milwaukee M18 Power Tools
  • Cleaning Supplies (rags, windex, 409, brooms etc.)
  • Open trailer 14'-16'
  • Pick up truck w/ crew cab
  • Skid Steer w/ fork attachment

Items that help in the office and in outreach efforts:

  • Flashdrives
  • Printer paper & envelopes
  • Coffee

Donate Materials

Below is a list of accepted materials.  If you have questions about a material that is not included on this list, contact Kevin Fogle with a description (photographs also recommended) at warehouse@wastecap.org or (414) 961-1100.  


While WasteCap is committed to keeping reusable materials from our landfills, WasteCap reserves the right to deny items that cannot be resold, are currently overstocked, or that are not fit for resale upon inspection. WasteCap is unable to provide disposal or trash clean-out services. For items not accepted, please consider donating to another organization that can reuse or recycle the items. Review the Resource Directory for a list of Wisconsin Resources