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Landfill diversion saves money.

WasteCap project managers save an average of $40 per ton on waste disposal costs through reuse, recycling, and other waste reduction efforts.

We help make zero waste possible.

Whether you are on the road to zero waste, or about to take your first step in facility waste reduction, WasteCap experts are here to help.

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WasteCap member companies make up a community of business-minded environmental stewards. We help each other meet waste reduction goals of any size.

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21st Century Pathways: Integrating Sustainability into Decision Making

Thursday, August 8th (Program Kickoff)

Design your company roadmap for talent, sustainability, and profit in the 21st century. This 5 session, four-month program is designed to build a detailed road map and custom 3 year plan (with ROIs) to get the most value out of sustainability for your business.

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WasteCap's construction & demolition projects are currently
achieving an average 88% recycling rate!
That means we've recycled...

an equivalent of

519 miles of dumpsters,
placed end-to-end

which would almost span the
width of Wisconsin, twice.

an equivalent of


have been saved by recycling wood and cardboard.

equaling, in total,

pounds of waste