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Resource Directory Books of Wisconsin


WasteCap has created two statewide Sustainable Resource Directories of Wisconsin that are free to access online!

These two books consist of our: 

Construction & Demolition Recycling Directory that is great for contractors

and our 

Building and Sustainable Resource Directory that is great for municipalities and sustainable organizations.


You will be able to utilize these books to quickly locate recycling facilities, haulers, building specialists, and other sustainable resources near your office or projects location throughout the state. Not only will these books help to increase recycling in Wisconsin and create sustainable connections, but will help the bottom line of your organization by recycling locally instead of paying costly landfill disposal charges.

It was brought to our attention from our members that Wi-Fi and cellular signals are not always reliable on project sites and there is a need for this tool in printed form. A select group was mailed physical versions of the book, but the online versions will always be free to view, download and print on your own here on the WasteCap website!

We hope that you can share this tool within your organization as the online version will always be free to view, download and print on the WasteCap website!

Click the buttons below to view, download or print out your own copy!


Click here to view, download and print the construction & DEMOLITION Recycling Directory of Wisconsin


Click Here to View, Download and print the Building and Sustainable Resource Directory of Wisconsin


The WasteCap Team wants to thank all of our sponsors, members and supporters who have made these books possible!


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WasteCap Resource Solutions and its clients have diverted over 1.236 Billion Pounds of construction and demolition waste from landfills with an equivalent of 235,451 Trees being saved by recycling wood and cardboard. If you were to place 30 yard dumpsters end to end, WasteCap has diverted over 515 Miles of Dumpster Full of Resources from our projects that are currently achieving an average 88% Recycling Rate.

While not only promoting your business to gain more materials or connections, you can make an impact in these initiatives by participating in the 2016 edition of the resource directory books to increase diversion rates in your community!