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WasteCap's Consulting Services

For over 20 years, WasteCap has provided waste reduction and recycling assistance for the benefit of business and the environment. Industry experts can save you money, time and help you achieve your landfill diversion goals.

The project management team will reduce your workload by providing actionable solutions and process improvements. Whether it’s construction & demolition waste, operational waste, or solutions for specific streams such as organics, electronics or reusable goods, WasteCap has you covered.

WasteCap offers an array of services centered around transforming waste into resources. Contact WasteCap today to meet your project’s landfill diversion goals!

Project Types


Are your projects meeting your C&D waste diversion expectations? WasteCap can write C&D specifications, connect you with a statewide network of processors, prepare waste management plans, provide on-site education, conduct inspections, track project performance and publicize final reports.

By utilizing WasteCap TRACE, WasteCap will keep all project documentation in one convenient location.

operational Waste DiversioN

Are you having difficulties managing the waste coming into your operations? Do you need assistance in meeting your diversion goals? Let WasteCap help increase your organization's waste collection efficiency and find appropriate end-markets for your materials.

WasteCap experts can conduct a waste analysis, connect you with a statewide network of processors, create a waste diversion plan, provide oversight, suggest improvements and track results.


Is your organization a large facility, corporate campus or university? Contact WasteCap to manage all your material and waste streams through its innovative resource management program.

WasteCap will renegotiate your existing contracts, help optimize your operations and hit your landfill diversion targets.



Need a tool to manage your own waste diversion operations and performance? Use WasteCap TRACE to house all your project’s documents, metrics and reports in one convenient location.





Does your organization or building have sustainability requirements? Customers are becoming savvier about green business operations, products and messaging. If you want to make a statement about your company’s the environmental impact, nationally recognized certifications will substantiate your environmental claims.

WasteCap can offer its consulting services for several industry leading third-party certifications. Its expert project management team can guide you through the certification process by offering consulting services for certification strategy, verification, documentation and submission.

WasteCap's Impact

Since 1996, WasteCap has:

  • diverted 623,110 tons, or 1.246 billion pounds, of C&D waste from landfills
  • saved 402,419 trees through wood and cardboard recycling efforts
  • averaged an 88% recycling rate on its C&D projects.

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Are you in need of project assistance? Contact WasteCap and let the project management team help you reach your diversion goals!

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