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WasteCap is LEED® certified

Do you need help from experienced LEED Accredited Professionals on your project? WasteCap can help achieve your LEED project goals with minimum cost and effort. WasteCap specializes in the following new construction & renovation project types: Building Design and Construction (BD+C) and Interior Design and Construction (ID+C).

WasteCap provides the following consulting services through each phase of the building process, available a-la-carte or packaged together, for LEED projects:

Scope of Work (Concept Phase)

Involving your LEED Accredited Professional during the concept / schematic design phase is crucial for project success. WasteCap will give you experience-based advice that acknowledges potential pitfalls and maximizes your LEED credit points per dollar.

Pre-design Studies

WasteCap can conduct charrettes and advise pre-design studies. These studies assist in the implementation of proven strategies that align with your design and construction approaches.

Owner’s Project Requirements

In conjunction with the owner, WasteCap will develop the owner’s project requirements (OPR). The OPR is a document that establishes high level goals for the desired outcome of the project. Clearly defining these goals will enhance the design and construction process.

LEED Scorecard

WasteCap will create an initial LEED scorecard to identify the targeted credits and objectives for the project. The scorecard is a living document that WasteCap will update on a monthly basis to communicate the likelihood of achieving each sought after credit.

Scope of Work (Design Phase)

WasteCap’s LEED design consulting process will clarify and reduce the workload for your design team. This will ultimately save the owner money while also removing obstacles created by multiple parties with competing priorities. With 10 years of involvement on Proven Provider teams and USGBC subcommittees, WasteCap experts acknowledge that the best path to success is to have a single entity handling all LEED strategy and submission data.

Education & Alignment

Based on the owner’s project requirements, a WasteCap LEED accredited project manager will provide education and direction to the design team. Any and all design considerations will be documented to reflect how it influences LEED credits. WasteCap will assist in finding synergies throughout the design process.

LEED Management & Submission

Let WasteCap take the hassle out of compiling and submitting LEED paperwork. WasteCap will be responsible for your project’s LEED Online submissions and manage all interactions with the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI).

Scope of Work (Construction Phase)

Before a project enters the construction phase, WasteCap will implement several services to ensure the desired construction credits remain achievable. During the construction process, WasteCap will provide ongoing site inspections and product review before final documentation is ready for submission.

Management Plans

Management plans are crucial to achieve many of your LEED prerequisites and credits. WasteCap will create these management plans before the construction phase begins. The plans will be used by the general contractor and subcontractors throughout the construction process.    

On-site Education & Instruction

WasteCap will educate and advise the construction team during the construction process. On-site workshops focused on the implementation of management plans will save you the work required to repeatedly instruct site teams. WasteCap will instruct the contractor, employees and subcontractors about their role in the program.


On-site inspections will be made by WasteCap to verify that the standards and requirements are being upheld. WasteCap will also review product information and require documentation before purchases are completed for building materials.

Tracking, Reporting and Submission

Let WasteCap take the hassle out of compiling and submitting LEED paperwork. WasteCap will be responsible for your project’s LEED Online submissions and manage all interactions with the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). WasteCap will campaign on your behalf and challenge misinformed rulings or unreasonable requests filed during the LEED project review.

About LEED Green Building Rating System

Developed by the U.S. Green Business Council, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. LEED covers many sustainable building aspects, from low energy and water consumption, to reduced impact on the site and creating a healthy space for occupants.  

WasteCap has extensive expertise regarding LEED requirements, implementation and certification. This expertise gives WasteCap the ability to deliver high quality guidance necessary to obtain LEED goals at minimum cost and effort.

WasteCap can maximize your efficiency at any stage of the push towards certification, whether you’re looking for specialist solutions to maximize waste diversion, or broader certification right-sizing and assistance achieving all of your targeted credits.

LEED v2009/LEEDv3 versus LEEDv4

Since October of 2016, projects can no longer be registered under LEED v2009, though, many projects are still using LEED v2009. WasteCap has tried and true experience dealing with the years of tweaks and changes made to that system over time.  

On the surface LEEDv4 is similar to LEEDv2009, but several nuances make the new system very different from v2009. WasteCap has developed the critical tips and tricks needed to guide the industry through the process of adaption.

Required for Proposals

If you are interested in a proposal, WasteCap will need the following information:

  • Project name
  • Contact name
  • Contact e-mail address
  • Contact phone number
  • Type of project
  • Location of project
    • Address
    • GPS Coordinates
  • Building Information
    • Number of buildings
    • Estimated area (gross square footage)
    • Purpose/function
  • Location of operations meetings (if not on site)
  • Desired landfill diversion target (%)

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LEED Certification

Explore the USGBC's website to learn more about the program and associated fees.

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