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Achieve TRUE Zero Waste

Can your facility or campus meet TRUE Zero Waste Certification requirements? GBCI’s TRUE Zero Waste certification program is used by facilities to define, pursue and achieve your zero waste goals, cutting their carbon footprint and supporting public health. The certification goes beyond diversion numbers and focuses on the upstream policies and practices that make zero waste successful in any organization.

WasteCap’s TRUE Advisors will help you save money, reduce liability, increase efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and give your company a marketing edge.

Scope of Work

WasteCap can provide the following services, packaged together or selected a-la-carte:

Minimum Program Requirements

In order for your facility to become TRUE Zero Waste Certified, minimum program requirements must be initially met.

Let WasteCap’s TRUE Advisors help meet and maintain TRUE Zero Waste Certification for the following seven minimum program requirements:  

  1. Create a zero waste policy for your company or project seeking certification. If a zero waste policy is already in place, WasteCap will verify that the policy aligns with your operations and culture.
  2. Achieve an average 90% or greater overall diversion from landfill, incineration (WTE) and the environment for solid, non-hazardous wastes (referred to as “materials” herein) for the most recent 12 months. Diverted materials are reduced, reused, recycled, composted and/or recovered for productive use in nature or the economy.
  3. Meet all federal, state/provincial and local solid waste and recycling laws and regulations. Project complies with all air, water and land discharge permits required for collection, handling or processing of materials.
  4. Have data documenting a base year of waste diversion data, and measurements since the base year that adjust for changes in size, type and nature of business.
  5. Do not exceed a 10% contamination level for any materials that leave the site. WasteCap will conduct waste audits to inspect contamination levels regularly.
  6. Submit 12 months of waste diversion data to GBCI annually to keep the certification current.
  7. Submit a case study of zero waste initiatives to be published on the GBCI website.

Categories & Points

Once the minimum program requirements are completed, WasteCap’s TRUE Waste Advisor will help you determine the target certification level and select the individual credits to pursue.

The credit categories and points can be found below:

Categories Points
Redesign 4
Reduce 7
Reuse 7
Compost (Re-Earth) 7
Recycle 3
Zero Waste Reporting 4
Diversion (Minimum 90%) 5
Zero Waste Purchasing 9
Leadership  6
Training 8
Zero Waste Analysis 5
Upstream Management 4
Hazardous Waste Prevention 5
Closed Loop System 4
Innovation 3
Total 81


Registration & Application

WasteCap will complete the registration process on your behalf. WasteCap’s TRUE Advisor will collect information, perform analyses, complete scorecard narratives and prepare documentation demonstrating that the requirements of the selected credits have been met.

Additionally, WasteCap will create a transparent project management website to house your project’s information and update it annually for ongoing certification.

Assessment & Reviews

An on-site assessment by the GBCI’s Assessor is a critical part of the certification process. WasteCap will coordinate with the facilities team to schedule the assessment and compile any additional information/documentation required to confirm compliance with outstanding credits.

WasteCap will analyze the GBCI’s Review Reports (Preliminary Review, Mid-Review Clarifications and Final Review) to provide additional information or contest the ruling of each credit.

Certification Levels

A project must earn a minimum of 31 points to become TRUE Zero Waste certified. The following certification and point thresholds are listed below:

Certification Point Range
Certified 31 - 37 Points
Silver 38 - 45 Points
Gold 46 - 63 Points
Platinum 64 - 81 Points


About TRUE Zero Waste Certification

The TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) Zero Waste certification is a program of the GBCI (Green Business Certification, Inc.). TRUE certified spaces are environmentally responsible, more resource efficient and help turn waste into savings and additional income streams.

The TRUE Zero Waste certification program is an Assessor-based program that rates how well facilities perform in minimizing their non-hazardous, solid wastes and maximizing their efficiency in the use of resources. The Assessor is an impartial third party that delivers services under the direct supervision of GBCI, and is expected to review and assess compliance with the rating system requirements.

Required for Proposals

If you are interested in a proposal, WasteCap will need the following information:

  • Project name
  • Contact name
  • Contact e-mail address
  • Contact phone number
  • Type of project
  • Location of project
    • Address
    • GPS coordinates
  • Building information
    • Number of buildings
    • Estimated area (gross square footage)
    • Purpose/function
  • Location of operations meetings (if not on site)
  • Desired landfill diversion target (%)

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