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Is your organization a large facility, corporate campus, or university? Contact WasteCap to manage all of your material and waste streams through its innovative resource management program. WasteCap will renegotiate your existing contracts, help you optimize your operations and hit your landfill diversion targets.

Resource management projects follow the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle for continuous improvement of services. These efforts will seek both incremental and breakthrough improvements for your waste stream.  

Scope of Work (Plan Phase)

WasteCap will identify opportunities and plan for change through the following services:

Resource Management Operations Plan

During the first three months of the contract, WasteCap will implement and refine an initial resource management operations plan. The plan will begin the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) management approach for continuous improvement. WasteCap will update the living document as progress is completed. Each iteration will be saved and archived.

Contact Lists

Contact lists will be comprised of two lists: building contact list and project contact list. The building contact list indicate the facility staff are responsible for each building. The project contact list is a list of all individuals associated with the project. The contact information includes: name, e-mail address and phone number. WasteCap will update and revise as vendors are added or removed.

Scope of Work (Do Phase)

Informed by the plan phase, WasteCap will implement the proposed changes and services through the following efforts:

Project Website

A customized project management website will contain all of the critical pieces related to your organization’s resource management efforts. This website will give full transparency to all stakeholders. This convenient site will allow you to communicate your progress efficiently. See all of your updated plans, reports, data, results and analysis in one place.  

Action Items

Efficient project management is critical to project success when coordinating with several vendors. WasteCap will maintain a transparent online action item list to delegate roles and responsibilities throughout the project. The list will be updated to reflect open and closed items.

Calendar / Schedule of Events

WasteCap will create and maintain a schedule of events. The online calendar will be comprised of important events for all parties. This includes, but is not limited to the following: recurring data tracking, reporting, meetings, waste audits, holidays, important events, etc.


An interactive online map will show the location of each container and/or service location. The interactive map will allow the user to select and sort by material waste stream. This information will be derived and updated from the service level spreadsheet, that indicates the type of material and the frequency of pick-up at each location.

Each icon will contain the following information: building name/ location name, material type and description.

Service Level Tracking & Updates

The service level spreadsheet will be developed together with the client. This spreadsheet contains critical information regarding each type of material including: container specifications, collection location, frequency of pick-ups and anticipated collection volume.

WasteCap will work to develop solutions to rightsize containers and optimize collection frequency from your original operation. WasteCap will modify this spreadsheet after strategic decisions have been agreed upon by the client and vendors.

Scope of Work (Check Phase)

WasteCap will use project data to analyze the result of the change and determine whether it has made a difference. The following services will be used to determine project performance:

Data Collection, Results and Analysis

Data collection is the crux of the resource management project. WasteCap will be responsible for compiling and validating waste stream metrics. On a monthly basis, WasteCap will provide results for your landfill diversion efforts, service levels and financial cost of disposal/recycling. Further analysis will be provided for continuous improvement of the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) management approach.

Waste Audits

Misallocated materials can be detrimental to reaching your diversion goals. WasteCap expert personnel will conduct waste audits to identify the composition of your waste streams. These waste audits will identify commonly missorted items and inform your organization’s product purchasing decisions.

This “check” feature will allow WasteCap to make recommendations to the resource management operations plan.

Issue / Request Log

WasteCap will create and manage an online “Issue/Request Log.” This form will be critical to record all issues and requests for the project. Issues may be reported by any stakeholder working on the project. Requests will be filed through approved personnel and logged directly by the appropriate vendor.

Scope of Work (Act Phase)

If the changes do not work, WasteCap will begin the cycle again. If the changes are successful, WasteCap will suggest implementation at a wider scale and continuously assess the results.

In addition to improving the cycle, this information can be disseminated through the following services:

Education & Outreach Services

WasteCap will coordinate the ongoing evaluation of waste streams to identify opportunities for reduction, reuse, recycling and composting. Expert personnel will assist with educational outreach and training of tenants, employees and/or students. A large focus will celebrate the successes of the program and challenge by setting new diversion goals.

Standards & Certification Alignment

Every organization has standandards and certification systems that are tailored to its operations. WasteCap can compile your data to match the metrics for your unique requirements.

Required for Proposals

If you are interested in a proposal, WasteCap will need the following information:

  • Project name
  • Contact name
  • Contact e-mail address
  • Contact phone number
  • Type of project
  • Location of project
    • Address
    • GPS Coordinates
  • Building Information
    • Number of buildings
    • Estimated Area (Gross Square Footage)
    • Purpose/Function
  • Location of operations meetings (if not on site)
  • Desired landfill diversion target (%)

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