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Take advantage of TRACE

Need a tool to manage your waste diversion operations and performance? Try using WasteCap TRACE where you can manage all of your documents, metrics and reports in one convenient location.

WasteCap TRACE is sponsored by The Boldt Company! Thanks to Boldt, it is free to use in Wisconsin.




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Online Demonstration

Do you have questions about WasteCap TRACE or are looking for more in-depth instruction? WasteCap has published an online demonstration that will walk you through project creation, data entry and report generation.

Online Demonstration

Projects outside of wisconsin

If your project is outside Wisconsin, you will need to access WasteCap TRACE through the general website.

Access WasteCap TRACE

WasteCap TRACE Features

Construction Waste Management Plan 

WasteCap TRACE generates a construction waste management plan for every project. It estimates expected construction waste and recycling rates. 

Data Entry

WasteCap TRACE allows users to document weight, volume, materials and markets of all materials. You can easily enter data for projects and view real-time recycling progress while having constant access to all the data and forms needed for specification requirements.

Multiple Projects 

You can track several projects at once and combine data to get cumulative numbers. WasteCap TRACE also allows you to monitor project performance easily with the dashboard feature.

Hauler Access 

With WasteCap TRACE, you can add a hauler to your list and give them program access for only their hauls. They are then able to log on to your project and enter their numbers, saving you time and duplication of work.

Contact Lists 

Contact lists give you the ability to manage your haulers, material markets and anyone else on your project.

Report Generation 

WasteCap TRACE can generate charts, graphs and reports at any point throughout the project. Reports can be exported to Microsoft Office for printing or distribution. Outside parties can be given online access to the data by creating a WasteCap TRACE profile.

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