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Deconstruction for Contractors

Scope of Work

WasteCap’s certified deconstruction consultants can provide the following services packaged together or selected a-la-carte:

Pre-Deconstruction Assessment

WasteCap will provide you with a preliminary salvage inventory, logistical advice and a list of potential safety concerns in order to determine if deconstruction is the right choice for your property.

Bid Preparation and Review of Contractors and Waste Haulers

WasteCap can find outlets for the materials being salvaged and handle contracts with waste haulers to maximize the efficiency of your project. WasteCap can work with the deconstruction contractor to ensure that they meet your material diversion targets.

Materials Management Plan

Creating a deconstruction materials management plan is essential in the success of your project. WasteCap will develop a plan that will:

  • Establish a material inventory identifying what will be reused, salvaged, recycled and landfilled.
  • Specify outlets for reusable materials.
  • Identify end destinations for recyclable materials.
  • Ensure materials are being separated and handled correctly.

Inspections, Education and Instruction

Through site visits and inspections, WasteCap will ensure materials are being separated correctly to meet your landfill diversion target. On-site instruction and education for material processing will alleviate inconsistencies and maximize material recovery. This will also minimizing waste sent to landfills. WasteCap will handle official signage for your site to comply with new city ordinances.

Tracking, Documentation and Reporting

WasteCap will compile waste tickets, receipts, invoices and metrics in one convenient location. WasteCap will digitally track and produce comprehensive project evaluations. A final report will be provided upon project completion and WasteCap will complete the post-deconstruction form necessary to close your demolition permit.

Required for Proposals

If you are interested in a deconstruction proposal, WasteCap will need the following information:

  • Project name
  • Contact name
  • Contact e-mail address
  • Contact phone number
  • Location of project
  • Address
  • Building information
  • Age of building
  • Estimated area (gross square footage)
  • Previous use of building
  • Location of operations meetings (if not on site)
  • Desired landfill diversion target (%)

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Milwaukee Deconstruction Ordinance in Effect


Did you know, the City of Milwaukee now requires one to four unit residences constructed in 1929 or earlier to undergo deconstruction rather than demotion?


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