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As a thought and industry leader, WasteCap deliberates on topics concerning the environment and the local community. Catch up on the articles and stories featuring WasteCap's tireless efforts transforming waste into resources.  

2019 Articles and Mentions

Nelson Alumni launch food waste policy and practice event

Madison will host it’s very first Food Waste Policy & Practice event thanks to the efforts of University of Wisconsin-Madison, Nelson Institute alumni George Reistad and Travis Blomberg

Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Marketing ON sustainability

Listen to, WasteCap's Executive Director, Travis Blomberg's story about how he turned his childhood dream of doing environmentally friendly work, into a company that helps organizations align their corporate culture with sustainability in a way that makes business sense.

Maker Marketing Podcast

2018 Articles and Mentions

Waste Diversion through Deconstruction

Waste360 takes an in-depth look at how WasteCap Resource Solutions is tackling the problem of excess waste created during construction and demolition projects, and how the City of Milwaukee's deconstruction ordinance has opened more opportunities.

Waste360 Article

Saving through salvage

The Shepherd Express interviewed Travis Blomberg, executive director, for the Off the Cuff series to discuss the host of waste reduction and recycling assistance services that WasteCap provides. 

Shepherd Express "Off the Cuff" Article


Finalist for the Force for Positive Change Award

Marquette University and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation have announced the finalists for the 2018 Force for Positive Change awards. This statewide competition focuses on social entrepreneurship as a model for solving social or environmental challenges in ways that are sustainable and just and that generate impactful change in Wisconsin.

Urban Milwaukee Article


Blomberg walks the walk with sustainability

As executive director of WasteCap Resource Solutions, Travis Blomberg has come to a simple realization: Companies that take steps to reduce waste will reap both financial and environmental rewards.

Waste-reduction practices offer so many benefits and so few drawbacks, he said, that it’s truly perplexing that more companies don’t make use of them.

The Daily Reporter Profile


Milwaukee's Reuse Future

After years of trying different approaches to deconstruction projects, the city of Milwaukee passed a deconstruction ordinance that will increase sustainable-building practices and workforce-development opportunities. Now, contractors are at a junction allowing them to choose to build a better reuse economy.

The Daily Reporter Article

2017 Articles and Mentions

Deconstruction Ordinance

Effective January 1, 2018, the City of Milwaukee will require dwelling structures built in 1929 or earlier to undergo deconstruction rather than demolition. 

On Milwaukee Article 

CD Recycler Article


DIY Projects with Rachael Kaye

Fox6's Rachael Kaye regularly visits the Architectural Salvage and Reuse Warehouse to create unique DIY pieces from reclaimed materials.

Reclaimed Wood Tray

Window Chalkboard

Bird Feeder

Kneeling Garden Bench

2015 Articles and Mentions

Warehouse Opening

Opened in 2015, WasteCap's Architectural Salvage & Reuse Warehouse has garnered plenty of attention as customers continue to find hidden gems.

WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio

OnMilwaukee Article

Fox6 Article

Journal Sentinel Article

WISN Article

TMJ4 Video

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