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WasteCap Resource Solutions Recognized as a Green Professional

WasteCap Resource Solutions has been recognized as a Green Professional organization under the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s (WSBC) Green Masters Program.

Developed in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin, the Green Masters Program recognizes Wisconsin’s sustainability leaders and encourages continuous improvement. The program is a point-based recognition program that benchmarks companies of any size and allows them to compare their sustainability performance against others.

Organizations participating in the Green Masters Program can be recognized as a “Green Apprentice” company when they score between 9 and 300 points and are recognized as a “Green Professional” organization when they score over 300 points. Additionally, the council recognizes the top 20% of organizations each year as “Green Masters.”

"WasteCap is thrilled to be recognized as a Green Professional in WSBC's Green Masters Program,” said Travis Blomberg, Executive Director of WasteCap. “We work with a variety of businesses, some of which are Green Masters. As an environmental non-profit, it is advantageous to compare ourselves to industry leaders, while improving our internal operations. We look forward to attending WSBC events and learning from other businesses that embrace sustainability!"


WasteCap Resource Solutions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing waste reduction and recycling assistance for the benefit of business and the environment. The WasteCap mission is supported through a variety of initiatives rooted in waste diversion including: zero waste consulting, construction and demolition waste management, deconstruction and salvage, organics diversion and LEED® administration. Additionally, WasteCap operates a retail store that carries architectural salvage and reclaimed goods. Join us in transforming waste into resources at www.wastecap.org and @WasteCap.


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