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Weekly Finds // July 5th

Weekly Finds

One of our weekly finds this week is this vintage school desk with an attached swivel chair! The desktop has the ability to be propped up so it's at a flat angle. A desk like this may drag up some interesting memories, but it would be perfect for someone who likes arts and crafts. They could use this as a work station or as a place to store items. 



Wisconsin is home to hundreds of different species of birds, and these bird houses would make good homes for them! With a little bit of paint and elbow grease these bird houses would look great in any yard. 


Staff Pick

Laura picked these antique horse drawn drawn carriage benches! These benches are where coachmen would sit when operating the carriages. Stop in and check them out today!                               


Customer Projects


This week Roberta decided to share her project with us! She had purchased 3 pipes from a church pipe organ. She used these pipes as part of the landscape design on the side of her house! The pipes helped her fill in an empty space perfectly! They made great statement pieces and are very unique!

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