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Razed & Found

For over 20 years, WasteCap Resource Solutions has transformed waste into resources using best waste management practices, including the salvage of beautiful antiques via deconstruction projects and donations.  Our warehouse quickly transformed into a busy retail store as more Wisconsinites sought out pieces of Milwaukee’s rich architectural history.

 We are excited to announce that the WasteCap warehouse has officially been transformed into a new identity: Razed & Found.  The Razed & Found division will continue to specialize in selling reclaimed building materials on its new e-commerce site and at its brick-and-mortar storefront; provide deconstruction services for Milwaukee homes and businesses; and, host do-it-yourself workshop events at our maker space on the near west side.

Razed & found

WasteCap’s Architectural Salvage Warehouse, Razed & Found is open to the public. It serves as a prominent resource for homeowners, artists, designers, builders and architects alike. The warehouse boasts a selection of old growth lumber, antique hardware, vintage fixtures and architectural components that are sure to strike nostalgia and stir up creativity.