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Accepted Materials

If you have questions about a material that is not included on this list, email warehouse@wastecap.org with relevant photographs. A Razed & Found associate will review your material and contact you shortly.


While Razed & Found is committed to keeping reusable materials from our landfills, Razed & Found reserves the right to deny items that cannot be resold, are currently overstocked, or that are not fit for resale upon inspection. Razed & Found is unable to provide disposal or trash clean-out services. For items not accepted, consider donating to another organization that can reuse or recycle the items. Razed & Found Resource Directory provides an extensive list of sustainable end markets.

Accepted Materials


Including major appliances, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washers and dryers.

  • All modern appliances must be in good working condition and under 5 years old.
  • Vintage and antique appliances are accepted on a case by case basis.

Razed & Found cannot accept countertop appliances, used water heaters and electronics.


Including corbel brackets, iron work, cornice, columns, mantels, newel posts, cupolas, tin ceiling and scrollwork. 

  • Materials should be free of nails.
  • Damaged vintage and antique materials will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Razed & Found cannot accept wood with excessive rot and items with water damage or mold.


Including lumber, trim, sheet goods, old growth material, weather wood siding and metal roofing and siding.

  • Liner materials must be at least 4' long.
  • Sheet good must be half a sheet or larger. They must be free of nails, rot, twisting, bowing and cracking.

Razed & Found cannot accept painted trim, asphalt shingles, vinyl siding, insulation and pipe.


Including kitchen base and wall cabinets, vanity, built-in, medicine and metal cabinets.

  • Cabinets must be structurally sound with no splitting at the joints.
  • Cabinets must have all drawers and cabinet door attached and intact.
  • Laminate and particle board must be intact.
  • Wall oven cabinets will only be accepted as part of a complete kitchen set.

Razed & Found cannot accept cabinets with major rust or water damage, plastic medicine cabinets, items with missing drawers or door and items with loose drawers or doors.


Including granite, quartz, marble, stainless steel and butcher block.

  • Countertops must be 3' or longer.
  • Countertops may not have cutouts without an attached sink.
  • Used countertops must be in excellent condition. They must be free of burn marks, significant worn areas and cracks.

WasteCap cannot accept Corian, laminate and countertops less than 3'.


Including vintage and antique, wooden, outdoor, complete mirrors and frames.

  • Furniture must be assembled, complete and without major damage.
  • Furniture must not have significant water damage or peeling laminate.

Razed & Found cannot accept mattresses or foam, incomplete pieces without doors or drawers, pieces with excessive water damage or mold, unholstered furniture and chipped mirrors.


Including wood, carpet tile and rugs.

  • Wood flooring must be free of nails, rot, twisting, cracking and bowing. The surface must be more than 1/8" above the tongue.
  • Carpet tile must be new or gently used. It must be free of holes and stains.
  • A minimum of 75 sf of a single type of flooring is requested.

Razed & Found cannot accept vinyl flooring, asbestos tile, water damaged or moldy material and remnant carpet.


Including knobs, pulls, lock sets, hinges, hooks and latches.

  • Hardware must have minimal rust and should be in operable condition.
  • Modern and vintage hardware are accepted.

Razed & Found cannot accept severely rusted or incomplete items.


Including chandeliers, sconces, pendants, lamps, glass globes and shades.

  • Complete fixtures as well as new and vintage glass globes and shades are accepted.
  • Vintage and antique fixtures are accepted.

Razed & Found cannot accept ceiling fans, fluorescent light fixtures, fabric lamp shades, track lighting, recessed lights, broken or cracked glass globes, pitted metal plate fixtures, items with mold and lightbulbs. 


Including tile, Cream City and Chicago Pink Brick, stone, slabs and landscaping pavers.

  • Material should be clean and free of thinset/mortar. 

Razed & Found cannot accept damaged tile, grout, edging, 2/3 brick and items with excessive mortar, dirt or mold.


Including tubs, sinks, bubblers and vintage handles.

  • Toilets must be unused and whole.
  • New and vintage clawfoot tubs are accepted. Unused fiberglass tubs and surrounds are accepted.
  • Stainless steel, cast iron, drainboard sinks, bathroom and pedestal sinks are accepted.

Razed & Found cannot accept toilet parts, used toilets, heavily damaged materials, pipes and loose fittings.


Including hand tools and power tools.

  • Tools must be safe, usable items.
  • Woodworking, gardening and landscaping tools are accepted as well as unused painting accessories, tool boxes and belts.
  • Antique and vintage hand tools are also accepted.

Razed & Found cannot accept paint, used saw blades and broken tools.


Including leaded and stained glass, wood sashes, divided light sashes and storms, wooden shutters, interior and exterior paneled doors, storm, patio and security.

  • Sashes must be in good condition.
  • Modern aluminum and vinyl windows are accepted on a case by case basis.
  • Glass must be intact.
  • Patio doors should be complete and in the frame.
  • Modern and vintage doors are accepted.
  • Materials must be free of splits, cracks, deep gauges, rot, bowing, twisting, delamination and excessive alterations.

Razed & Found cannot accept aluminum or vinyl storm windows, modern window sashes without frames, window treatments, hollow core and flat doors and items with mold.

Donate Materials

WasteCap reserves the right to refuse any donation that has not been pre-approved. 


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