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$68,000 Saved and 1,600 Tons Diverted - Project Spotlight

The bottom line is - landfill diversion saves money. But there are many positive ripple effects. The greenhouse gas equivalent of waste that was salvaged and recycled is the same as the annual emissions from 115 cars.

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Altius Building Company - Member Spotlight

WasteCap Resource Solutions is proud to highlight our member, Altius Building Company! Altius offers wide range of construction operations including municipal, commercial, senior living residences, apartment complexes, low-rise condominiums, mixed-use developments, and transitional student apartments.

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Not Measuring C&D Waste? You Might Be Losing Money.

You can't manage what you don't measure. When contractors don’t track and measure how they dispose of waste, they simply don’t know how much material is landfilled, reused, or recycled.

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United Milwaukee Scrap - Member Spotlight

WasteCap would like to welcome our newest supporting member, United Milwaukee Scrap! UMS processes, purchases and sells metal scrap that is generated throughout the Midwest.

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Four Ways to Benefit from the Deconstruction Ordinance Freeze

There are many ways to get more firsthand experience and education when it comes to deconstruction. While deconstruction is often seen as more time-consuming and costly than demolition, it can benefit your company, your project, and the local economy.

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